Marketable Skills


Employers and educators agree that beyond receiving a diploma students also develop valuable marketable skills during a college education. Career Connect allows students to document and connect their learning to eight skills and showcase them to potential employers through the use of the ePortfolio.  

These skills can be defined as: 

Career Connect targets the development and validation of these skills by partnering with UNT faculty and staff members who offer, or would like to offer a high impact practice activity. Upon completing such an activity students are assessed on the skill the activity is targeting. Learn more about assessing these skills...


Examples of some of these experiential learning activities include: 

Click here to see examples of existing Career Connect projects.  

New experiences are being added every day, so if you have an idea for an Connect activity and would like to discuss it with one of our team members, fill out our Project Idea form.

Why target only these four skills?

Career Connect chose these skills because they:

  • were developed by the Association of American Colleges and Universities with the help of multiple faculty and experts from many different disciplines and colleges around the country
  • represent the key student learning outcomes that educators, employers, and policy makers agree are essential for student success in the workplace and in life 
  • align with UNT’s core rubrics
  • will provide UNT with standardized measures that can be compared across all departments