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The team at Career Connect aims to disseminate the work being accomplished at The University of North Texas through publications in journals, magazines, newsletters, blogs, etc. By sharing our work, we contribute to the national conversation regarding the development and recognition of marketable skills.

Read what the team is sharing with educators:

Digital Credentials and ePortfolios Clarifying Pathways to the Labor Market

In this interview, Dr Michael Simmons discusses the rise of evidence-based learning and reflects on the capacity for digital credentials and ePortfolios to serve as alternative tools to capture and communicate valuable skills. (Download PDF Version)

University of North Texas leads with innovative pathway to prepare students for career success - Pearson
Career Success UNT faculty, staff, and administrators recognized that today’s employers seek employees with clear evidence of work and digital credentials to demonstrate

Rogers, J., Peecksen, S., Douglas, M., & Simmons, M. (2019). Validation of a reflection rubric for higher education. Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 1-15, doi:10.1080/14623943.2019.1676712. Published in

  • The Connect team addresses a gap in the literature by developing, validating, and publishing a measure that captures student reflections on experiential learning across a variety of disciplines in higher education.

Simmons, M. (2019) Digital credentials and ePortfolios clarifying pathways to the labor market. Published in

  • Dr. Simmons addresses questions regarding the use of the ePortfolio, benefits of credentials, and the implementation of both within an institution. 

Simmons, M. (2019) Empowering students to prepare for life after college. Published in

  • A feature in Pearson: Learn Ed highlighting the work that is being done at UNT through Career Connect. Dr. Simmons provides insight on how Career Connect services impact students and a UNT student shares her experience.

Douglas, M., Peecksen, S., Rogers, J., and Simmons, M. (2019). College students' motivation and confidence for ePortfolio use. International Journal of ePortfolio.

  • This paper details potential factors that may impact students’ motivation and confidence to use ePortfolios and are discussed in terms of how they can support strategies to implement ePortfolio and experiential learning programs in large, 4-year college institutions.