Marketable Skills and UNT Degrees

UNT degrees address many of marketable skills and UNT’s Career Connect strives to work across campus to help students recognize how their degrees develop these skills. Of the 13 colleges that provided information, 214 degree programs identified their top five marketable skills that students graduating acquire during their education. A database was created to compare the marketable skills among programs to determine the relationship between the skills identified and Career Connect’s marketable skills of Critical Thinking, Communication (oral/written), and Teamwork. Other top marketable skills were identified as prominent and occurring across programs, and are included in the pie chart based on relevance and frequency. These marketable skills include: Professionalism, Leadership, Research, Technology Application, and Culture/Diversity Awareness.

Contacts within each degree program were asked to be specific in generating their lists, therefore many skills listed were specific statements related to the field of study and may have not explicitly stated “critical thinking, communication, or teamwork.”

For example, a college may refer to the students’ ability to… “Acquire, analyze and compare research findings” by using a broad-based definition of critical thinking. Another example where a college may refer to a students’ ability to… “Collaborate with an interdisciplinary team” by using a broad-based definition of teamwork.