Why Do They Matter

Throughout college, students are exposed to learning opportunities that develop marketable skills that employers value, but students often struggle articulating what was learned in college and how it may apply to their future. This articulation is made simpler when the experiences students have collected in a central place with assessment and validation. NACE identified several skills that employers value in a college graduate entering the workforce such as critical thinking, communication (oral and written), teamwork, leadership, personal responsibility, social responsibility, and empirical and quantitative skills. All of these valued skills are marketable skills that Connect provides support for assessment and validation!

Faculty already engage their students in high-impact practices throughout their coursework and partnering with Connect can support students collecting these experiences in a meaningful and intentional way that supports future success! Connect Faculty assess their students' experiences on common rubrics developed by AAC&U, see Marketable Skills Rubrics.

High-impact practices matter because students engaged in deep learning foster opportunities to develop important marketable skills. Students who engage in HIPs are able to meaningfully translate the learning and skill development to other contexts of their life.