HIP Faculty Development Grant

Applications are OPEN! 

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Career Connect is offering a new grant opportunity to encourage the implementation of high-impact practices (HIPs) at UNT. HIPs are active learning practices and an inclusive pedagogy that foster deep learning by promoting student engagement, close equity gaps for minoritized, underrepresented, and underserved students, and intentional implementation of HIPs supports students' retention and graduation! Examples of HIPs include Collaborative Learning, Service-Learning, and ePortfolio to name just a few.  Participating in this grant will provide eligible faculty members with funding ($500-$1,500) to develop/redesign a course to include HIP(s) with best-practices and an assessment of marketable skills.

The Details

  • Rolling Application
  • Applicants are notified of their acceptance status and task payment paperwork is submitted (department chair and Provost office approval process is anticipated to take about a week)
  • Course Development/Redesign starts after task payment paperwork is approved, initial individual consultation occurs and faculty will be added to a Microsoft Team where they will have access to resources relevant to their track and HIP
  • 15-20 hours estimated work
  • Go at your own pace across a 5-week period

The HIP Grant program has two tracks, determine which track best fits your course.

Track 1: Integrating HIPs into Curriculum

  • Do you already engage your students in any one of the following high-impact practices?
    • Core Class, Collaborative Learning, Service-Learning, ePortfolio, First-Year Experience, Learning Community, Global Learning, Internship, Undergraduate Research, Capstone Project, or Writing Intensive.
  • If so, redesign to integrate a 2nd pedagogically consistent HIP and attach a marketable skill assessment relevant to the experience.
  • Implement with each offering over the 21/22 or 22/23 academic years with commitment to assess the marketable skill

Track 2: HIP Start

  • Would you like to engage your students in one or more of the following high-impact practices?
  • Collaborative Learning, Service-Learning, or ePortfolio
  •  If so, redesign your course to include one or more HIP(s) and attach a marketable skill assessment.
  • Implement with each offering over the 21/22 or 22/23 academic years with commitment to assess the marketable skill

Additionally, the Connect team launched the Comprehensive Learner Record in the Fall of 2020. The Learner Record is a student-owned digital tool that documents learning experiences and marketable skill development. Your redesigned/reimagined course will be recognized on the learner record as a unique micro-credential, which helps students connect what they learned in your class to their futures!


  • Faculty will be expected to attend an introductory individual consultation to discuss their course, plans, and ask questions and attend a closing meeting for planning and assessment. Faculty can schedule additional consultations based on needs.
  • Faculty redesign will occur independently and Connect will provide faculty with resources and individual consultations to support the redesign process.
  • Faculty to review best practices for their selected HIP(s) provided by Connect and adjust their course assignment or experience to reflect these changes.
  • Faculty will determine which marketable skills are relevant to this experience and ways to incorporate the skill development into the implementation of the HIP.
  • Faculty to implement with each offering over the 21/22 or 22/23 academic years with commitment to assess the marketable skill as part of the Connect comprehensive learner record.

Funding depends on the track selected, anticipated enrollment, and semesters offered. Faculty members selected to participate in the HIP grant will receive funds in two payments. One payment will be dispersed after faculty completes the redesign. Second payment will be dispersed after faculty successfully implements the course with assessment. 

 To apply, click here.