Fall 2018 Connect Learning Grant and Course Development Program

UNT Career Connect congratulates the five Fall 2018 Connect Learning Grant and Course Development Program recipients! We look forward to working with Dr. Sara Champlin and Mr. Cornelius Foote from the Mayborn School of Journalism, Dr. Kim De Wolf from the Philosophy and Religion department, Dr. Zuoming Wang from the Communication department and Dr. Beverly Wagner from the Applied Arts and Sciences program.

The Connect Learning Grant and Course Development Program is open to faculty members who are interested in designing or redesigning a course to integrate service-learning components while cultivating marketable skills (communication, critical thinking, and teamwork) in our students. A teaching grant ($250-$2000) will be offered in the form of two payments in recognition of the significant time investments of this program.*


Offered in summer of 2018, the inaugural program accepted 20 courses for redevelopment as experiential and service-learning courses. After a successful cycle, we are pleased to offer this program once more, this time during the fall 2018 semester.

As a high impact practice, service-learning is a "teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Service-learning is a structured learning experience that combines community service with preparation and reflection. Service-learning provides college and university students with a "community context" to their education, allowing them to connect their academic coursework to their roles as citizens," (Seifer and Conners, 2007). Career Connect strives to support the sustainable and feasible development of service-learning opportunities across UNT, providing students with multiple experiences to support their development and success as students. 

Open to UNT faculty from all academic disciplines for undergraduate coursework to be taught in the Spring or Summer 2019 terms, this program is designed to be completed almost completely online in an interactive format along with individual phone and/or face-to-face consultations as needed. Additionally, a face-to-face kick-off meeting and orientation will take place to start the program and will be followed by a closing presentation to celebrate experiences.

For this cycle, we only considered proposals interested in integrating or growing service-learning activities within courses. Materials and grant program content focuses on developing existing or planned coursework beyond experiential opportunities to a broader community-based learning experience in which both the individual student’s learning experience as well as the experience of the recipient are weighed equally in the course design process.

Service-Learning & Community Engaged Learning

Orientation & Program Kick-off:
Friday, October 12th, 2018

This program has TWO distinct parts:

Part 1: Completion of 6 Online Learning Modules

Dates for Part 1: October 15th - December 19th

Part 2:  Syllabus and ePortfolio Preparation & Implementation of revised Course

Dates for Part 2: January 7th - May 17th

Program includes:

  • Resources to engage community-based organizations into curricular plans.
  • Course development resources and opportunities related to service-learning pedagogy, the role of reflection, and methods to develop and measure skill growth in students.
  • Opportunities for collaboration with colleagues via online discussion board prompts and assignments.
  • Online training with the UNT ePortfolio and its use in Canvas.
  • Minimum of two (2) individual consultations with Connect Staff (teleconference) with the option to add more if required. 
    • Consultation 1: Week of January 7, 2019
    • Consultation 2: Mid-Spring Semester

Program Celebration:
Date TBA, Spring 2019

Expected Time Commitment

4-6 hours/week for Online Module Completion

Academic Year Expectations

-  Deliver the redesigned course in Spring (or Summer) 2019, and at least one additional semester during the 19/20 academic year.

*Contingent on Chair, Dean, and Provost pre-approval

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please contact Connect's Faculty/Staff Development Coordinator, Meena Naik at meena.naik@unt.edu

Application Procedure

Applications will open March 2019. 

Faculty may apply individually or as teams. We seek applicants who are committed to engaging with best practices in experiential and/or service learning frameworks by transforming their courses to focus on both curricular and employable skill development. We are especially interested in courses that have broad impacts for undergraduate students (for example, large section first year courses).

Application will include a request for:

  • A brief proposal
  • Course Syllabus or Curriculum Committee Course proposal
  • Acknowledgement from department chair

Application period for the fall 2018 cycle is now closed. Applications for the next grant cycle will open March 2019.