Foliotek in Canvas

Career Connect worked with Canvas and Foliotek to create a seamless transition when applying ePortfolio technology to your course to simplify the process of tracking student progress and grading assignments. 

Helpful Videos: Using the ePortfolio with Students in Canvas

All videos listed below will discuss how to use the ePortfolio in Canvas without directly linking an individual student's submission to the gradebook. You can, however, create an assignment and link it to the ePortfolio for students to complete. The note of importance is that you will still have to view the submissions directly in the ePortfolio in order to complete grading. If you would like to view and grade in Canvas, we encourage you to use the videos listed below to orient yourself to Foliotek and then visit the next set of videos on this page that detail how to link your assignment to the gradebook. 

  • This video will provide an overview of the icons and features of UNT's ePortfolio: Foliotek

  • Make Foliotek available to your students by adding it to the navigation menu in Canvas. This video will show you how:

  • You may want to create an assignment for your students. There are two types: an ePortfolio and a project. The following videos will show you how to create these assignments for your students.

    ePortfolio Template:
    Project Template:

  • Once you have created the assignment in Foliotek, you may want to make it available to your students in Canvas. The video below will discuss how to do this. Please note, this will not link an individual student's submission/work to the gradebook and only creates the column.

  • If you offer your students an assignment with using Foliotek, you can view their results and grade them in Canvas. This video will show you how:

  • If a student submits a project before they are done working on it and you need to make it available to them again, this video will show you how to do that:

  • Career Connect also offers a student pathway with assignments that introduce students to career preparation, personal branding, research and academic planning, and more. As an ePortfolio user, you can create assignments in your course using pathway items. This video will detail how you can add pathway assignments and make it part of your gradebook.

Creating a "Linked" Foliotek Assignment in Canvas

The videos below will show you how to create a project or assignment that is also linked directly to the gradebook in Canvas. The difference in these steps is you must work with Career Connect because the assignments created in the ePortfolio have to be authorized for use in Canvas. This administrative step cannot be automated. The benefits of using projects that are linked to Canvas are:

  • A reduction of steps for students to follow in order to access and start an assignment
  • Grading takes place in a single location
  • Submitted projects can be viewed directly in Speed Grader

The following videos will show you how to take a project you created in Foliotek and link it to your assignment in Canvas, and detail the process of grading.