Development Grants Awarded!

Congratulations to our five Development Grant recipients! Faculty who are interested in designing or redesigning a course to integrate experiential and/or service-learning components while cultivating marketable skills are able to apply for the grant!  The next program will be March 2019.  Watch this site for more information.

Create a New Connect Project

Do you provide an opportunity for your students to engage in experiential learning in a “real-world” setting? Do you provide students an opportunity through your course activities or projects to develop their communication, critical thinking, and/or teamwork skills? If you have an idea and want to talk about making this into a Connect opportunity for your students we can help by supporting your work!

Faculty involvement

Faculty are involved in intricate ways throughout students’ college experiences from the material that is taught in the course to the support they receive as they begin integrating material. Career Connect partners with faculty members to help students reflect on and identify skills they build as a result of their experience in the classroom. This integration of reflection and skill development results in our students feeling more prepared to enter the workforce or apply to graduate schools.