What is an ePortfolio

An ePortfolio is a collection of work and examples of experiences that showcases learning over time. This collection serves as proof, or evidence, of what you are capable of and allows you to demonstrate that to audiences like future employers or graduate schools.

UNT’s ePortfolio offers you two major options:

  • Project Templates: Projects are a tool that let you arrange work to either tell a story about a project or task you completed, or to show different examples of your competency in a skill area. For example, you might include a paper or research project and share your abstract on a slide, followed by your basic argument and hypothesis, and then the paper itself with key findings. When someone looks at the project, they will clearly follow the work that went into completing your research, but they will also be able to see the final product in a few quick clicks. To learn more about projects and how to build one, click here.
  • ePortfolio Templates: ePortfolios allow you to collect and curate different projects, files, and details about yourself that help someone get to know you. Think of this as a personal website that showcases your personal brand and show evidence of who you are as a candidate for the opportunity you are pursuing. You can have different ePortfolios that provide different stories (e.g. a learning portfolio, an art portfolio, an employment portfolio, etc.). To learn more about how to create an ePortfolio, click here.

An ePortfolio can help you stand out in a job hunt, feel confident during your interviews because you will have access to proof of everything you share as examples during your interview, and can help you gain a competitive edge that extends beyond a LinkedIn profile and your resume.