Getting Started

Identity Page

An identity page allows viewers to gather basic information about you, such as your goals, educational history, work history, contact information, and links to your other social media accounts. Badges that you acquire through activities and projects that you have documented on your account can also be displayed on the ID page. Try to get 100% of your identity page completed!


As a student you complete and participate in many projects and activities that enhance your marketable skills. Document your experiences by turning them into projects on your ePortfolio! 


You have the ability to create numerous ePortfolios. In building multiple portfolios you can construct each to meet different goals; one for a job opportunity highlighting previous employment and your skills while having another focus on your education, demonstrating the projects and co-curricular activities you have participated in! 

If you are accessing the ePortfolio for the first time, use this link to set up your account:

Log in to Canvas, access the resource, and follow steps to set up your account. You will also receive a message in your UNT email account that will allow you to set up a password. We recommend you follow these steps so that you have a password that allows you to access the ePortfolio directly from the website in addition to Canvas. 

Watch these tutorials to develop your ePortfolio or follow the instructions below.