What is ePortfolio?

ePortfolio is a high-impact practice designed to help students track and connect their experiences inside and outside the classroom throughout their degree program. It can be difficult for students to make connections among projects, internships, extra-curricular activities and their current skills and future goals. Students can use their free ePortfolios to showcase how their documented experiences translated into marketable skills such as critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. The ePortfolio is a great way to market skills and abilities for graduate school and career opportunities

Examples of ePortfolio:

Benefits of Using ePortfolio

With an ePortfolio students are able to take their experiences where ever they go and demonstrate the skills that they developed through each activity. Documenting projects, internships, extra-curricular activities encourages students to apply what they learn through these experiences and apply it to their current and future goals.


Access your ePortfolio by logining in to your my.unt.edu account. Click on the ePortfolio link and sign in!
If you are having trouble accessing your ePortfolio through my.unt.edu, enroll in our Canvas course (https://unt.instructure.com/enroll/XGGXA3) to set up your ePorfolio.