What is ePortfolio?

The Career Connect ePortfolio is a tool that will help set yourself apart! 

The ePortfolio is a digital repository for documenting and connecting learning experiences throughout a student’s education. The ePortfolio encourages students to have a broad perspective on the big picture and promotes a more integrated individual. The University of North Texas uses ePortfolio technology for students to connect what they learn inside and outside the classroom and apply this learning to impact their future.  

From day one, every UNT student can be making the important connections between the many experiences and opportunities that are available to them on and off campus. The Connect ePortfolio is designed to help you do that by allowing you to collect, connect, and showcase your skills.  

How to use it?

All UNT students have access to this valuable tool to help document college experiences that cultivate your online identity and provide evidence of skills that you developed while in college for future employers. 

  1. Login to my.unt.edu 
  2. Look for the ePortfolio module and click the ePortfolio link (first word in the paragraph) 
  3. Login with your EUID and password
  4. Follow the set up prompts 

Once set up is completed, you will gain access to your ePortfolio. Our ePortfolio partner is Foliotek. You have access to the ePortfolio as long as you are enrolled as a UNT student and lifetime access after you graduate from UNT. 

Why use it?

Higher education institutions continually seek methods to elevate student performance through high-impact practices (Kuh, 2008). High-Impact practices close the gap that exist in academic preparedness between students. Student who are less academically prepared for college but engaged in more HIPs have greater student performance that what is expected (Watson, Kuh, Rodes, Light, & Chen, 2016).  Research shows that students who engage in high-impact practices not only have better learning experiences, compared to students who do not, but also report higher satisfaction with college (Watson, et al., 2016).

Career Connect creates high impact opportunities for students’ by providing free access to personal ePortfolios through a university-wide initiative. ePortfolio is a high-impact practice designed to help students track and connect their experiences inside and outside the classroom throughout their degree program. It can be difficult for students to make connections among projects, internships, extra-curricular activities and their current skills and future goals; the ePortfolio encourages students to make those connections through written reflection and project portfolio development throughout their college careers and beyond. Students can use their free ePortfolios to showcase how their documented experiences translated into marketable skills such as critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. The ePortfolio is a great way to market skills and abilities for graduate school and career opportunities.


Click here to see sample pages and for tips on how to get started!

Click here to learn about the benefits and best practices of ePortfolio use.

If you have questions about how to use the e-portfolio, you may contact Foliotek’s help line at 888.365.4639 or support@foliotek.com.  You can also find support materials and videos by choosing the help features in the e-portfolio.

If you have questions about accessing the e-portfolio please contact Adam Wear, the Career Connect E-portfolio Coordinator, at adam.wear@unt.edu to learn more.