UNT Learner Record Overview

One important component of the UNT learner record is the "Dashboard" tab.  This view serves as a student "dashboard" to show at-a-glace what marketable skills a student has attained.  In this view the student will see the list of skills pathways and their progress toward completion of the credentials.  Students gain valuable marketable skills through a wide range of UNT activities during their time at the university.  By viewing how these skills are connected a student will be better prepared to tell their story and showcase their skills with the learner record. 

The image below shows a portion of the Learner Record Dashboard page with an example student and a few marketable skills.  This overview shows that Michael Clarke has attained at least 50% of the microcredentials needed to earn the Critical Thinking credential.  Clicking on the badge image gives additional information about the credential and what has been accomplished.

UNT Learner Reoord Overview image screenshot