Student Guide to Learner Record Launch

Students involved in the Learner Record spring 2020 launch, to set up an account and begin using the learner record:

  • You received an email from Badgr, click “View Pathway”
  • Enter your name and create a Password
  • Now start exploring!
  • You can access your Learner Record at after setting up an account!

The information below will help guide your use of the Learner Record.

During this launch, students will have access to their Learner Record. The Learner Record includes a dashboard that houses an “Overview” and the “Learner Record.” “My Badges” and “My Pathways” are two other views of the learner record.

Depending on what college students are in, students will see different and relevant parts of the Learner Record for them. The goal of the launch is for students to become familiar with the various functions of the Learner Record and provide feedback to improve the experience. Students participating in the launch help represent UNT students that will use this resource in the future!

The “Overview” tab in the dashboard displays the marketable skills pathways for each of the marketable skills.

  • In the “Overview” tab, you can see overall progress towards credentials.
  • Think of the “Overview” as a snapshot or summary.  
  • Clicking on a skill pathway shows a student more specifically where they are, what they’ve achieved, and what else needs to happen for them to earn that specific credential.

The “Learner Record” tab houses a list of achievements that can be shared with people external to UNT. As a student, this is your own learner record, meaning that a student can share all of it, parts of it, or none of it depending on where they are in earning credentials.

  • In the “Learner Record” tab, students can see what experiences contributed to earning a certain credential. The “Prerequisites” include those experiences where a student was assessed on the certain skill. This tab displays the progress a student is making towards earning credentials.
  • Students can share a link to the learner record, make it public, or determine which parts you want to share or keep until you earned a full credential.

​​The “My Badges” tab stores the badges you have earned from the various activities you have completed.

The “My Pathways” tab stores information about progress on certain pathways.

If you are a CVAD Foundations student…you are testing the Dashboard and the “Critical Thinking” pathway:

  • Your pathway demonstrates your progress towards earning the critical thinking credential.
  • Click on the various elements, you can’t break it…we don’t think!
  • Can you determine what differentiates the various experiences between Foundation, Exploration, and Integration?
  • What are the differences between “Demonstrated Proficiency” and “Essential Knowledge” as it relates to you earning the Critical Thinking credential?

If you are a CLASS French Major student…you are testing the “French B.A. Marketable Skills” pathway:

  • Your pathway demonstrates your progress towards earning marketable skills credentials previously identified by the faculty in the French department.
  • Click on the various elements in the pathway… you can’t break it…we don’t think!
  • Each course contributes to your development of marketable skills, can you identify which courses give you opportunities to develop various skills?