For Students:

  1. Provide a summary of the learning that allows the student to reflect on her education and, from this, articulate that learning to others.
  2. Used formatively, these records can help students understand the areas of learning that should be completed and the variety of sources through which learning may occur.
  3. Help students understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities they are acquiring during their education and how those may relate to their uses, after college.

For institutions:

  1. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the work to
    • Identify learning outcomes in all courses
    • Identify learning outcomes in co-curricular experiences
    • Consider outside experiences that may evidence learning and contribute to the learning attained through the institution
  2. Help the institution understand how its educational courses, programs and experiences contribute to a larger learning framework of an educated person
  3. Contribute to a broader system of learning with other institutions through the transfer of learning outcomes
  4. How learning at one institution intersects with learning at another

Source:"Learner Focused Records", Mike Simmons/Tom Green, 2019 AACRAO SEM annual conference, Dallas Texas.