UNT Learner Record – Student FAQs

UNT Learner Record – Student FAQs

What is the Learner Record?

As you go through your time at UNT, you are getting experience and practicing skills that will help you in your future career and/or educational goals. Right now, when you graduate, you get your degree and a transcript that focuses only on what you were graded on and not the skills and abilities you gained. The Learner Record is a tool that changes that! As you go through experiences, you may be assessed on skills employers look for and verifiable data will be collected and shared in the Learner Record using digital badges and credentials. You can track your progress of gaining these skills at UNT, and will also be able to customize and share this record with employers, graduate schools, or even on your professional social media sites as evidence of learning.

Why is this important?

When you graduate from UNT, you receive a degree and transcript just like everyone else. As you apply to jobs, the only things that set you apart on paper, then, are your resumes and cover letters. This Learner Record can change that. For a variety of marketable skills that employers care about (e.g. critical thinking, teamwork, communication, etc.), you will be able to earn, track, and share digital badges and digital credentials. Within each of these digital badges, there is a verification feature and details like the date of award, the requirements of the experience, and the criteria to be awarded the badge are included. This is another tool that can help set you apart from others who are competing for the same jobs and spots, and it comes with verification from UNT, so you can speak with confidence about not just your knowledge, but also the skills that makes you the best candidate.

What does the "My Record" tab on my learner record show me?

The "My Record" view of the learner record  makes it easy for you track your progress towards attaining a marketable skill’s credential. Each skill included on this page is one employers regularly want to see in candidates. As a result, UNT is working to link in opportunities and experiences around campus in which you build these skills. As you participate in each experience and are assessed on the skill, you can see your progress towards attaining the overall credential in the skill. You can also view opportunities that count towards credentials by clicking on “My Pathways” and you can track your individual badges by clicking on “My Badges.” The summary of all of this will appear on your overview page and can be shared publicly using the “Learner Record” tab.

Where do I go to see my Learner Record?

Go to unt.badgr.com and use your EUID and password to login and start exploring!  In the future, you will be able to access your Learner Record through myUNT and other UNT systems. 

Can anyone see my Learner Record?

No. The only way someone can see your Learner Record is if you make it public and share the link with them. Once you have shared the link, they will be able to view your Learner Record as long as it is public.

Is my Learner Record public or private?

This is up to you! You can make your Learner Record public by turning Public Visibility on enabling a shareable web link to your record. This allows your Pathway progress to be visible to anyone who has the link. As you earn additional badges on the Pathway, the public record will update automatically. If you turn the Public view off, no one can view it. Your Learner Record will not appear in internet search results. 

How do I share my Learner Record?

After you have made your Learner Record public, you can share it by clicking on the Share button on the Learner Record tab. This provides a link for you to share with anyone you want to view your Learner Record. If you want to revoke access to your Learner Record or make it private again, you can do so by using the Public Visibility toggle switch.

How long do I have access to my Learner Record? 

You will have lifetime access to your Learner Record through unt.badgr.com. You will have ownership of all your digital badges and digital credentials that you earned while a student at UNT. You will be able to customize and share this record with employers, graduate schools, or even on professional social media sites! 

Where can I find additional resources?

Badgr’s website has an FAQ page that is being regularly updated and can be found here. As we have additional resources, we will add them to our website, so keep checking back. 

Who should I contact for questions?

You can contact us at marketable.skills@unt.edu for any questions or support. You can also click the "Useful Links" tab in your Learner Record to connect you to Canvas, Career Connect, and Badgr for Learner Record support.