UNT Learner Record – Faculty FAQs

UNT Learner Record – Faculty FAQs

Who was involved in launching the Learner Record?

During the spring of 2020, Career Connect launched the Learner Record for selected students in College of Visual Arts & Design Foundations courses and College of Liberal Arts & Social Science French majors. During the fall of 2020, new UNT freshmen and transfer students gained access to the Learner Record. 

What is the Learner Record?

As students progress through experiences at UNT, they are building evidence that accumulates over time and, when assessed, will allow UNT to issue marketable skills credentials. The Learner Record will show students’ progress and accomplishments in the marketable skills pathways. Students will be able to customize and share their Learner Records. View Scrappy's Learner Record here

Why is this important for students?

Employers say they value the demonstration of marketable skills in job candidates, yet college graduates often struggle articulating the learning they experienced and the skills they developed. The top skills we focus on at UNT are oral communication, written communication, teamwork, critical thinking, personal responsibility, social responsibility, leadership, and empirical & quantitative skills.

Where do students go to see their Learner Record?

Visit unt.badgr.com and sign in using your UNT EUID and password. Enourage your students to start exploring! 

Can I see students’ Learner Records?

You will not be able to see a student’s Learner Record unless the student has shared the link with you. View Scrappy's Learner Record to see an example of what your students' view will be. Visit Scrappy's Learner Record here.

Are students’ Learner Records public or private?

Students can make their Learner Records public by turning Public Visibility on, enabling a shareable web link to their record. This allows their selected Pathway progress to be visible to anyone who has the link. As they earn additional Badges on the Pathway, the public record will update automatically.

How do students share their Learner Records?

Students can share their Learner Record by clicking on the Share button in their Learner Record. This provides a link for students to share with anyone they want to view their Learner Record.

How long do students have access to their Learner Record?

Students will have lifetime access to their Learner Record through unt.badgr.com.

Who should I contact for questions?

Contact us at marketable.skills@unt.edu for any questions or support. You may also visit the Career Connect website for additional information.