Comprehensive Learner Records

A major purpose of our Career Connect initiative ( is to help faculty, staff, and students identify and signal relevant experiences (curricular and co-curricular) and coursework into marketable skills like communication, teamwork and critical thinking. We do this through the creation of a comprehensive learner record (CLR), which is comprised of micro-credentials students earn. 

Micro-credentials are attained across and among the wide range of UNT high impact experiences, in the Core, and in the co-curricular realm. These micro-credentials then 'stack' (or scaffold) in various combinations that can result in overall UNT marketable skills or degree competency 'credentials' on the comprehensive learner record.

UNT’s Career Connect is an active thought leader in state and national conversations on these topics. Connect was selected for a Lumina/AACRAO national grant to develop the CLR. We participate in a number of national organizations working on these issues, including the Credential Engine, United States Chamber of Commerce T3 innovation initiative, the United States Department of Education skills mapping and blockchain working groups, the IMS Global CLR project, as well as exploratory partnerships with other institutions such as Arizona State and Western Governors’ University.

UNT formed a partnership with Concentric Sky, the creator the BADGR credential system, to develop a first-of-its-kind CLR based on open badge standards, interoperability, and student ownership of the credentials.  According to the IMS Global CLR standard, a CLR has 9 characteristics, all of which the UNT Connect CLR addresses. For more details see the What is a CLR page.

Connect continues to work with other innovation partners like Foliotek ePortfolio and Pearson Education as we seek to understand how to support student understanding and ownership of their learner records, how these records interact with traditional transcripts and employer processes, and what value they bring to student articulation of skills.

Curious to learn more? Consider watching the webinar where Career Connect introduced the CLR at UNT.