Career Connect has contributed to: 

  • Groundbreaking research on the impact of experiential and community-based learning and student outcomes.
  • Expanded career readiness options for larger groups of UNT students.
  • Bridging the gap between academic programming and career planning.
  • Important research on the value of reflection in the development and success of students.
  • Implementation of university ePortfolio infrastructure.
  • Development in issuance of micro-credentials based on learning outcomes that are assessed.
  • Introduction in exploration of non-cognitive factors including expansion of the grit gauge and supporting materials was direct research related to impact on learning outcomes and student success.
  • Participation an important conversations about evidence of learning, credentials, ePortfolios, and assessments as evidenced by our participation in several national projects.
  • Providing direct support and training for faculty and staff who are delivering experiential learning.

Publications & Presentations

The team at Career Connect aims to disseminate the work being accomplished at The University of North Texas through publications in journals, magazines, newsletters, blogs, etc. By sharing our work, we contribute to the national conversation regarding the development and recognition of marketable skills.

Publications & References to Connect

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