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Highlights from Career Connect's First Year of Implementation!

The end of spring 2018 marked the end of the first full year of implementation for Career Connect, the SACSCOC Quality Enhancement Plan for the University of North Texas’s for the 2016-2026 school years. Based on the experiential learning framework of John Dewey (1916), Kolb (1984) and Kuh (2010), Connect works collaboratively with UNT faculty, staff, and other partners to enhance, assess, and showcase UNT students' marketable skills by engaging them in high-impact practices, experiential... Read more

The importance of reflection

Connecting learning with the real world through reflections in ePortfolio By Jordan Rogers & Rania Elmalky The ePortfolio is a digital tool that fosters connections between the classroom and real-world experiences for students. Embedded within the technology are guided reflection questions to engage students in further developing the valuable metacognitive tool of reflection. [RJ1] 

Faculty Development Grants awarded

Faculty Development Grants Awarded By Rania Elmalky Career Connect administered a four-week online summer program to the 22 UNT faculty recipients of the 2018 Connect Learning Grant and Course Development Program. 

What's the Difference Between a Resume and an ePortfolio?

Although the struggle was different in their day, our parents had it easy in the job hunt. I bet at least one adult has told you that age-old saying: “hit the pavement and ask for a job”. They will tell tales of walking from store to store, paper resume in hand, talking to manager after manager until something came up.

New wave of hiring shows what you can do, not just says it.

In a recent study, the New York Fed said that only 25% of people get jobs in their majors. As a recent graduate with an integrative studies degree, that was a relief to hear. I studied so many things here at UNT because I loved knowing a little bit of everything! When it came to the job market though, I figured out that I don’t have these weird certifications or years of experience in this one certain thing, and it made me feel ineligible for these jobs I know I would be good at.