UNT Launches Comprehensive Learner Record

Author: Dr. Mike Simmons

I'm pleased to announce that we enrolled selected students from the UNT College of Visual Arts and Design, and all French BA majors, into phase 1 pathways of the Connect UNT Comprehensive Learner Record.  The 'pathway' is the first step toward introducing the credentials.  Students will receive notification that they are enrolled in their pathway. Immediately after spring break, we will populate these students' pathways with the micro-credentials (badges) they have already earned as a result of assessments conducted in the past 18-24 months in the classes and co-curricular activities.  We'll then spend March and April conducting tests, seeking feedback, and making changes to the system and our communication.  We intend to launch the Pathway, CLR, and Dashboard for all UNT students in August.

This represents a major step forward in the work related to comprehensive learner records. UNT is a large, public, research institution with a wide range of programs and degrees delivered in a variety of formats.  Building and improving the CLR at UNT serves as a model for how this might work at similar institutions.  Being first means learning first, and we hope that by being transparent, by using open standards, and by participating in multiple collaborations we can make the CLR achievable for multiple institutions.  

So what are some of the key questions that we're hoping to answer:

  1. Do students see value in the CLR and if so, how are they using it.  Do they see value in credentials?
  2. Can employers connect with this machine-readable data set so that the matchmaking process for talent is improved?
  3. Which is more important - the student's ability to articulate their skills more powerfully or the employer's ability to access the skills more effectively?

The list goes on but we are committed to pushing forward with our faculty and academic programs who see the inherent value of demonstrating the marketable skills that are often so intertwined in the student academic experience and coursework, but is rarely expressed through grades or transcripts.

Stay tuned...