Advisor Shoutouts

Advisor shout outs provide an amazing forum for you to recognize the advisors in your office that go above and beyond. Recognize your advisor peers and supervisors who have shown their amazing contribution to UNT. See below for the advisor shout outs we have received so far!

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Spring 2019 Shout-Outs

  • Thank you to Tanya Sanchez. She started using memes to engage with students and make them more comfortable. She also brought us muffins!!!
  • Sarah Yeonsook Kim always makes time to talk to students, whether on the phone or walk-ins, even if she is extremely busy and never seems bothered by it. She is great!
  • 1 word. Tacos! Sarah Romack also gave us an opportunity to share what we are currently reading with our staff and better equip us to support our students.
  • After a long day of Walk-Ins, Rebecca Werts came around the office with fun questions for us to answer to let off some steam and remember that we can get work done AND have fun.
  • Zach Yeager's passion for advising is evident in everything he does. His ability to have a keen eye for detail and capacity for big-picture goals is an intangible and truly valued skillset to his students and colleagues.
  • Chelsea Godin is great all of the time, but the thing that I appreciate most about her is her patience. I'm the type of person who has to talk things through before I can fully understand a situation, and she always waits patiently until I've worked through even my dumbest ideas to come to the logical conclusion she reached five minutes ago. She never makes me feel stupid or silly and that is something I really value in a co-worker.
  • Thanks to Amanda Devaney for always being there to help answer random questions!
  • Thanks to Brisa Finegan for always having a positive attitude! You make our office a bit brighter.
  • Sara Peacock took our office to a new level when she provided us with EVERY topic that our faculty are researching and when I say every, I mean EVERY Scientist in COS.
  • Megan Sellers is an exceptional academic counselor. She always makes sure her students know all their options and resources, and always does a great job of mapping out their next steps for them. Students feel comfortable talking to her and many come back multiple times to share their progress with her. She's also super efficient and is great at planning multiple projects. PS: She's great at driving long distances for NACADA road trips!
  • Alex Rouse is always willing to stop what she is doing to answer a question, provide assistance to others or cheer up a fellow advisor! Aside from that, she truly cares for every student that walks through her door and always goes above and beyond the call of duty.
  • The Humanities Team in CLASS (Olivia Tidwell, Robin Gillespie, Elayne Gardner, & Chi-Cory Cole) are so knowledgeable and great with our language students and have helped me countless of times when I had advising-related questions!
  • Taylor Moore demonstrated her ability to be a leader and a team player by assisting another team member who was unavailable at the time. Taylor decided to dedicate some of her "spare" time to seeing a prospective student and her family. Way to lead by example!
  • Joel Jackson does a great job of really connecting with his students. He is able to look past what they are saying to see what they actually mean. He always leads with empathy and comes up with creative solutions for all his students. Joel is also super skilled when it comes to mapping processes for our various projects. He's able to see two and three steps ahead and makes other contributors feel that their opinions are valued.
  • Mardreanna Reed helped out so much with the UCAN retreat this year. It would not have gone so well, or had so many great speakers or giveaways if it was not for her leadership, negotiation skills, and commitment to make the event excellent.