The Latest from Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate Committee on Evaluation of University Administrators has completed the evaluations of upper level administrators and will be sending out a survey in early April for evaluations of Deans and Chairs. The Committee on Faculty Participation in Governance will also be sending out a survey in late April to obtain your feedback regarding faculty participation in shared governance. We sincerely appreciate your participation in these surveys!

Annual spring Voting Group Senators and elected standing committee elections are in progress. When these are concluded in the next few weeks, we will be conducting elections for at-large faculty positions.

A special congratulations to Senator Jennifer Lane, Professor in the College of Music, for helping UNT become a regular polling site during early voting and on Election Day for the upcoming non-partisan municipal elections. UNT’s poll, located at the Greek Life Center, will be open during early voting (4/22-30) to anyone registered to vote in Denton County, and on Election Day to registered voters in precincts 4039 and 4045.

Please check out the Faculty Senate at where you’ll find meeting agendas and minutes, and other important information about decisions being made by UNT faculty for the benefit of UNT faculty.

You can contact the Faculty Senate at or 940-565-2053.