Mission Statement

The UNT Advocates and Allies Program is established to improve gender equity through the direct and proactive engagement and commitment to action of male faculty, and to collaborate with women across campus to foster a welcoming and supportive community.  The program is comprised of two-parts: Advocates and Allies.

Advocates are senior male faculty who educate themselves about issues of gender (in)equality

Allies are male faculty whom the Advocates train as proponents for gender quality in their departments.

These men serve as change agents, committing to be active and vocal proponents of gender diversity and equality specifically:

  • Increasing the number of female faculty.
  • Encouraging the hiring and promotion of female faculty in administrative positions.
  • Ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of women within their departments and/or units.


The main objectives for the Advocates and Allies Program at UNT are:

  • Collaborate with and accountable to the Women's Advisory Group.
  • Examine gender (in)equity in academia and its effects on our campus community.
  • Educate men on gender (in)equity and unconscious bias.
  • Develop a network of Allies.
  • Advocate for equitable processes in the workplace, especially personnel matters.