How does this impact a department's textbook adoption process? If an instructor or department does not participate in AD1, they will continue to adopt textbooks through the process in place today. They also always have the option to pursue other options for textbook affordability, such as adopting an open textbook or other open educational resource (OER). 

Why should UNT implement AD1? On the student side, the cost savings can be meaningful, and there is a likely direct relationship between using course materials and student success. There are also implications for student success at the institution level: we believe that increasing student access to course materials will have a robust impact on course retention which in turn impacts overall student retention. This could be particularly valuable for some of UNT's challenging core courses. 

How does the student opt-out process work? By federal law, students are able to opt-out of any AD1 incidental fees; however, historical data has shown that students rarely opt-out because the price of acquiring a new or even used copy of the textbook can be high. UNT works with Barnes & Noble and UNT Student Financial Services to manage the process for students opting out of the fee. This is done in the Canvas course once the semester begins.  See the "Student Guide to AD1" section of this website for full details.

How can faculty/courses participate? If you have interest or need more information, contact Jordan Rogers (jordan.rogers@unt.edu or 940-369-6173).

When will AD1 be offered again at UNT? The fall 2019 pilot data is being reviewed and changes to make the program stronger are currently underway. There is potential for AD1 to continue during the spring 2021 semester at UNT.  Updates will be added to the website as necessary to reflect the changes.