Registration Checklist

What courses do I need?  Run your Online Degree Audit!

The Online Degree Audit is a great guide and planning tool that will provide you with a listing of your degree and course requirements, so please USE it!

Note: The online Degree Audit is a great resource, however, it is not a substitute for meeting with your academic advisor/counselor. See the About Advising page to find out who your advisor is. The FAQ can answer most questions about viewing your degree audit

Go to Student Center/Register => My Academics to view your Degree Audit and read the FAQ.

When are the courses offered?  Search for classes online and plan your schedule!

Log into your myUNT account. Perform a Class Search and be sure to click “View All Sections."

It’s all in the class details

Find out more information about the class, i.e. Honors section, Dallas Campus, Web instruction in Texas Only, etc.  Click on the link beside Section (be sure to read the description for course prerequisites).


When do I register? Check the online Registration Calendar!

“You do not have a valid registration appointment” means it is not your time to register. Please check the Registration Calendar to find your correct registration date.


Do I need an Advising Code?

Certain colleges, schools and majors at UNT require advising, so you might need an advising code. Also, if you are on academic alert, probation, or suspension, you are required to meet with your advisor to get your code.  

Got Holds?

Check and clear any holds in your myUNT account (Student Center/Register). You are not able to register for classes before you remove the hold(s). Every student will have the Student Financial Obligation hold. 

 Possible Blocks (or holds) on your account:

  • Student Financial Obligation – placed on your account every semester. It allows you to read through the financial requirements of the registration process. Just read and click “confirm” to remove hold
  • Transcript – placed by Admissions for missing transcripts
  • Advising Required – placed by advising office, must meet with advisor and receive 4 digit code
  • TSI Advising Hold - (see above)
  • Meningitis - must provide evidence of vaccination or must qualify for one of the two permissible exemptions   

Check hold detailsChoose 'Remove Hold'

Permission Numbers

These are rarely needed. If you get an ‘Error’ message you must obtain the course permission number from the department. 

Examples: restricted courses to students residing out-of-state or certain majors

Green means Go! Red Means No.

The registration process is not complete until you have completed all three steps that are required and you see a Green box next to each course that says ‘Success’. If you have completed Step 3 and you see a Red box marked ‘Errors,’ then you are not enrolled in that class yet. Read the error message to find out why you cannot register for the class.