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UNT Majors 2017-2018 Catalog Year

Learn more about UNT Major options and degree plans by reviewing what each college and school has to offer! Resources below will either direct you to an advising website or PDF document to learn more about the major. "(BA)" or "(BS)," etc. leads to the 2017-2018 UNT Catalog page for each degree option, where individual classes and their descriptions are listed.

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G. Brint Ryan College of Business

110 Business Leadership Building (940) 565-2110
Accounting (BBA) and Dual Degree (BS/MS) Logistics and Supply Chain Management (BS)
Aviation Logistics (BS) Marketing (BBA)

    Professional Selling (BBA)
Business Analytics (BBA)
Business Computer Information Systems (BS) Operations and Supply Chain Management (BBA)
Business Economics (BBA) Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management (BBA)
Entrepreneurship (BBA) Real Estate (BBA)

    Residential Property Management (BBA)
Finance (BBA)
Business Integrated Studies 

    International Track (BBA)

    Sports Management Track (BBA)
Risk, Insurance and Financial Services (BBA)

    Financial Planning Track (BBA)

    Risk and Insurance Track (BBA)

College of Education

105 Matthews Hall (940) 565-2736
Human Development and Family Science 

    Family and Community (BS):

        Family Life Education Track

        Intervention and Administration Track 

    Lifespan Development (BS)

    Human Development & Family Sciences (BS) *
Interdisciplinary Studies (BS, Elementary and Middle School Education) *

  Early Childhood – 6th Grade

        Core Subjects (no specialization certificate)

        English as a Second Language *

        Bilingual *

        Special Education *

    Grades 4 – 8

        English Language Arts & Reading with ESL *

        Mathematics with ESL *

        Science with ESL *

        Social Science with ESL *
Health Promotion

    Community Health Track (BS)   

    Corporate Health Track (BS)

    Allied Health Pre-Professional Track (BS)

    Athletic Training Track (BS)

    Coaching Education Track (BS, not currently accepting students)

    General Track (BS)

    Health Fitness Track (BS)

    Teacher Certification (BS) *
Secondary Level and All Teacher Certification *
Recreation, Event and Sports Management

    Program Management Track (BS)

    Sport Management Track (BS)

College of Information

Discovery Park, Suite C232 (940) 565-2445

Information Science

    Digital Content and Information Systems (BS)     

    Information Management and Health Informatics (BS)   

    Information Science and Knowledge Organizations (BS)   

    Project and Knowledge Management (BS)
Applied Technology and Performance Improvement * (BAAS)
Linguistics (BA)

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

220 General Academic Building (GAB) (940) 565-2051
Communication, Media, and Performance Majors 
Communication Studies * (BA) Professional & Technical Communication (BA)
Dance * (BA / BFA)
Theatre * (BA)

    Design/Tech (BA)

    Performance (BA)
Media Arts

    Media Arts (BA)

    Converged Broadcast Media (BA)
Humanities Majors

    Creative Writing (BA)

    Language Arts (BA)

    Literature (BA)

    Writing and Rhetoric (BA)
World Language, Literatures, and Cultures

    Spanish (BA)  *

    French (BA)  *

    German (BA)  *

    Japanese (BA)  *
History * (BA)   Philosophy (BA)
Religious Studies (BA)
Social Sciences Majors 
Anthropology (BA) Psychology (BA, BS)
Economics (BA, BBA, BSECO) Social Science (BA, BA*)
Geography (BA, BS)  * Sociology (BA, BS)
Political Science (BA)  
Interdisciplinary Programs 
Integrative Studies (BA, BS) International Studies      

    International Business and Economics (BA)      

    International Development and Humanitarian Affairs (BA)      

    International Security and Diplomacy (BA)      

    Peace Studies (BA)      

    Regional Studies (BA)

College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism

College of Science

College of Visual Arts

111 Art Building (940) 565-2216
Studio Art  Art Education and Art History 
    Ceramics (BFA)     Art Education: Visual Art Studies  * (BFA)
    Drawing and Painting (BFA)     Art History (BA)
    Fibers (BFA)     Interdisciplinary Art and Design Studies:

        Open Track (BA)

        Arts Management (BA)

        Design Management (BA)
    Metals and Jewelry (BFA)
    New Media Art (BFA) Design    
    Photography (BFA)     Communication Design (BFA)    
    Printmaking (BFA)     Fashion Design (BFA)    
    Sculpture (BFA)     Interior Design (BFA)

Other resources: 

  UNT Undergraduate Catalog ( lists the requirements for each major under Majors, minors, certificates and has course descriptions of classes under Course descriptions (located on the catalog menu).

  Career Center ( hosts “What can I do with a Major in…” where you can explore occupations for different UNT majors. 

  ONET Online ( and My Next Move ( also provide more information on career and major options. 

  Bachelors of Applied Arts and Science (BAAS) ( is a 4-year degree option designed for non-traditional students, veterans or active military, and transfer students with workforce or technical credits.   

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