Choosing A Major

Need Help Choosing a Major? 

The choice of a major and degree options can sometimes be overwhelming.  But, it can also be very exciting!  If you are undecided about your major and degree options you are in good company, as many UNT students feel the same way. Use the UNT Major Activity to help narrow down your major interests!

What is a Major? Thinking of Adding a Minor or Certificate to Your Degree?

The purpose of an undergraduate degree is to provide a broad base of skills that you can apply to a career.  Within your degree, you will narrow your focus to a specific field of study. What major, minor and/or certificate you choose to complete your degree requirements is YOUR DECISION that will take into consideration your interests, skills, values and abilities, and meet your personal and professional goals.

A student deciding on a major

It is important to understand that, just because you major in a specific area does not mean you will end up working in that field and visa versa. If you know what academic subjects interest you, you might want to make the decision of a major first. However, if you have a career direction or a professional goal, you can explore which major(s) will best prepare you for that field.

How Do I Decide on My Major? How Should I Build My Degree Plan?

There is no single proven approach to selecting a major. Choosing a major is a process of self-reflection and discovery. You must become actively involved in this decision making process. Here are some resources to help you review all your choices:

  1. Explore Your Options - learn what majors, careers are out there that meet your interests
  2. Learn about all of the UNT Majors and other degree options
  3. Connect to one of the UNT Advising Offices to learn more about courses, majors and requirements
  4. Use the UNT Major Action Plan to get from major exploration to major declaration
  5. Pay special attention to the UNT Major Activity, which will help you narrow your major interests

What If I Choose the Wrong Major?

Selecting one major does not mean that you have ruled out all the other choices. There are a variety of ways for you to combine interests. You could choose to minor in another discipline or select a double major or double degree. Other students get involved on campus, or find their passion in a new work experience. Focus your education on your personal interests, or on a specific educational or professional goal.

How Can I Explore My Major & Career Interests?

  UNT Majors, Minors & CertificatesAll the possible degree options at UNT are in the online catalog. Search the current UNT Catalog at

 UNT Career Center
Picking a Major / What can I do with a major in... For Career Advising visit Chestnut Hall, Suite 103 or and 940.565.2105

Career Development Checklist and other resources from the UNT Career Center.

  UNT Mentor Match Database - Log-in to your MYUNT account and look for the Eagle Network logo to log-in to your Eagle Network account. Click the “Mentor Search” tab to search for UNT Alumni, and then click “Contact Mentor” to make a connection.

  Get Work Experience!

Take Flight Job Shadow: Network with family, friends, professors and UNT staff to meet individuals actually employed in jobs you would like to have. Observe or “job shadow” for 1-5 days.

Internships: Get relevant experience in the field that you are studying in through the internship or co-op program.

  Research Occupation and Industry Information About Potential Careers: O*NET: Review skills, work environments, tasks, salary & education requirements for many occupations with O*NET Online.

 My Next Move: Research what you want to do for a living by keywords, industry areas or by taking a quiz self-assessment.


My Plan Assessment – Computer based assessments that help you make well-informed decisions about your career. To assess your skills, interests, personality and work values go to to find the link and access code, along with instructional videos.

  What can I do with this major?
Research “What can I do with this major?” From University of Tennessee or review MyPlan Majors What can I do with a major in…? or check CollegeBoard majors/career profiles

  UNT Counseling & Testing Services
Further assessments and one-on-one counseling that includes vocational assessments such as the Strong of MBTI. Chestnut Hall, Suite 311    940-565-2741

Advising Offices

G. Brint Ryan College of Business BLB 110 (940) 565-2110
College of Education MATT 105 (940) 565-2736
College of Engineering Discovery Park, Suite A101  (940) 565-4201 
College of Health and Public Service CHIL 112 (940) 565-4115
College of Information Discovery Park, Suite C232 (940) 565-2445
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences GAB 220 (940) 565-2051
College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism CHIL 385 (940) 565-4635
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