Additional Resources

Click on a topic below for additional information regarding each of the individual offices, services, and opportunities.

Advisor Support

provides tools that will assist advisors with developing a well-rounded experience on campus. 

Advising Offices

contains the location and phone number for all colleges' advising office on campus.

College of Business BLB 110      940-565-2110
College of Education MATT 105   940-565-2736
College of Engineering Discovery Park A101 940-565-4201
College of Health and Public Service  Chilton Hall 289 940-565-4115
College of Information Discovery Park C232 940-565-2445
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences GAB 220      940-565-2051
College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism  Chilton Hall 385 940-565-4635
College of Music   Chilton Hall 211 940-565-3860
College of Science Hickory Hall 283      940-369-8606
College of Visual Arts & Design  Art 345 B 940-565-2216
Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism    Sycamore Hall 205 940-565-3365
Honors College Sage Hall 320 940-565-3305
New College Sage Hall 394 (Denton) FRSC 136 (Frisco) 940-369-8129 (Denton) 972-668-8115 (Frisco)

Specialized Advising Services

contains information regarding advising for Texas Success Initiative (TSI), Pre-law, and UNT's Health Professions

Texas Success Initiative
Sage 170, 940-369-7006

The Texas Success Initiative, or TSI, is a program legislated by the State of Texas to improve the success of students in college. Located in the Learning Center.

Wooten 153, 940-565-4413

Pre-law advising assist current students and alumni with law school admissions and the pursuit of a legal career.

Health Professions
Hickory Hall 256, 940-369-8606

The Office of Health Professions assists all university students seeking to enter a career field in the health care industry.

Academic Services

leads to resources like UNT's many computer labs, Foreign Language and Math Placement resources, the Learning Center, UNT Libraries, and Student Support Services/UNT TRiO Programs.

Computer Labs/General Access Labs

With a valid I.D. you can access computers, laser printers, color printers, color scanners, word processors, presentation software, and an array of adaptive technology. 

Foreign Language Placement
GAB 550, 940-565-2404

Tests in French, German, Russian and Spanish are computer-based. Tests in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Latin are done via Scantron.  We now offer both Traditional and Simplified Chinese tests.

Learning Center 
Sage 315, 940-369-7006

Provides online tutoring, the Study Skills Lab, Speed Reading, Supplemental Instruction, Volunteer Tutor Program, Learning 101, Connecting for Success, TSI advising and testing, Academic Success Program, Academic Resource Library and referrals to campus resources.

Willis, Media Library, Eagle Commons, Discovery Park, 940-565-2413

Provides print and media resources, study areas, music library, 24-hour computer lab, copy machines, free workshops and other amenities to facilitate your academic success.   

Math Placement
Sage 130, 940-565-4045

The purpose of the math placement test is to determine the appropriate first math course for each undergraduate student. The Mathematics Department enforces prerequisites for mathematics courses; before enrolling in one of these courses, you may need to pass a placement test.

Student Support Services/UNT TRiO Programs
Sage Hall 215, 940-565-4754

Offers tutoring in various subject areas, personal and academic counseling, study skills instruction and career planning for students who qualify for this federally funded program.

Additional Support Services

presents various help centers and labs at UNT: Accounting, Chemistry, Computer Science and Engineering, Economics, Finance, History, Math, Physics, as well as the Learning Center and Writing Lab.

Tutoring Labs



Accounting Lab

Business Leadership Building 007


Chemistry Resource Center

Chemistry 231


Computer Science & Engineering Help Lab

Discovery Park F205


Economics Help Center

Hickory 152


Finance Lab

Business Leadership Building 006


History Help Center

Wooten 311 & 320


Information Technology & Decision Sciences Business Leadership Building 011 & 012 940-565-3110

Learning Center

Sage 315


Math Lab

Sage 130


Physics Instructional Center

Physics 209


Writing Center

Sage 150


Student Services

leads to resources for student wellness and success: the Career Center, the Dean of Students, the Counseling and Testing Center, the Center for Students Rights and Responsibilities, the Health and Wellness Center, Housing and Residence Life, UNT International, the Money Management Center, the Office of Disability Accomodation, Pride Alliance, the Psychology Clinic, Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, Student Legal Services, the Substance Abuse Resource Center, the Veteran's Center, and Seeking Options and Solutions (SOS).

Career Center
Chestnut Hall 103, 940-565-2105

Assists students and alumni find jobs and internships. Career advisors and employment resources available to individuals of all majors and educational levels with regards to resume writing, interview tips, job search strategies and career advising.

Center for Student Rights & Responsibilities
Dean of Students, Union 409, 940-565-2039

Provides education to the campus community on student rights and responsibilities, referrals for violations of Student Code of Conduct, mandatory psychological or medical withdrawals, ethics and civility issues training, student reinstatements and arrest clearances.

Counseling & Testing Services
Chestnut 311, 940-565-2741

Provides free confidential, professional, short-term (8 sessions per academic year) psychological counseling to currently enrolled students.  Also has a national testing center and computer-based testing site for the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and CLEP.  The computer based testing is located in the Gateway Center 140, 940-565-2735 and available Tuesday through Friday.

Dean of Students
Sage 110, 940-565-2648

Provides student absence notification, service and civic learning opportunities, hardship withdrawals, student deaths; oversees Seeking Options and Solutions Program, Greek Life, Student Legal Services, Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities, Substance Abuse Resource Center, Center for Leadership and Service, the CARE team.

Health and Wellness Center
Chestnut Hall, 940-565-2333

Offers medical care and health education services like flu shots and discounted massage therapy for currently enrolled students. Call or go online to schedule an appointment.   

Housing & Residence Life
Crumley Hall 128, 940-565-2610

Assists students with on-campus housing arrangements.  Provides a wide variety of residence-based educational and developmental programs.

International Student Programs/UNT-International
Marquis Hall 105, 940-565-2197

Assists with international admissions, provides intensive English proficiency programs, orientation, advising, social and cultural activities for international students. 

Money Management Center
Chestnut Hall 313, 940-369-7761

Offers financial planning assistance and advisement to students.

Multicultural Center
Union 335, 940-369-3424

Provides resources, information, educational opportunities, and events that build inclusion focusing on five areas of diversity: race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, interfaith, and disability.

Office of Disability Access
Sage 167, 940-565-4323

If you have a physical or learning disability and need accommodations, consider registering with the Office of Disability Accommodation. They assist students with ADA-related concerns, educational access, and accommodations.  They also provide referrals for diagnostic evaluations.

Pride Alliance
Sage Hall 328, 940-565-2589

Pride Alliance is a unique facility that serves UNT's LGBT+ and Ally community and offers education, community outreach, meeting space, programming, and serves as a central gathering place for all students, faculty, and staff.  

Psychology Clinic
Terrill Hall 171, 940-565-2631

Provides psychological services such as counseling, testing, and biofeedback for UNT students and the community.

Seeking Options & Solutions (SOS)
Dean of Students Office, Union 409, 940-565-2648

Helps students find alternatives to withdrawing from UNT.  Possible solutions to financial and academic difficulties are addressed.

Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Concerns:

By students or student organizations: Contact the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities (See Dean of Students, Union 409, 940-565-2039)

By faculty, staff, or visitors: Contact Equal Opportunity (Hurley Administration Building 175, 940-565-2456)

Student Financial Aid & Scholarships
Eagle Student Services Center 228, 940-565-2302

Processes applications and awards of federal and state financial aid, loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study programs.   

Student Legal Services
Union 144, 940-565-2614

Provides mediation services by assisting students in resolving disputes before they reach a level requiring official academic or disciplinary action. Provides free legal advice to students for civil/consumer complaints.

Substance Abuse Resource Center
Health and Wellness Center, Chestnut Hall 301, 940-565-2787

Promotes a campus-wide approach to eliminate the abuse of alcohol and the use of illegal drugs through education, intervention and resources.

Veteran’s Center 
Sage 123, 940-369-8021

Serves as a safe place to help student veterans navigate the university resources for academic success.  Able to assist students dealing with funding (GI Bill, Hazelwood Act) as well as transferability.   

Enrichment Opportunities

Encompasses career and scholarship resources: The Study Abroad Office, National Student Exchange, Student Activities and Organizations, the Center for Leadership and Service, Nationally Competitive Scholarships, and the Career Center.

Career Center
Chestnut Hall 103, 940-565-2105

Services include: Career Connect; Career Fairs; Career Workshops; Eagle Careers Job Bank; Individual Career Advising; Internships; Mock Interviews; On-Campus Interviews; Professional Networking Events; Student Employment and Take Flight Job Shadowing.

Center for Leadership & Service
Union 345, 940-565-3021

Provides volunteer opportunities for UNT students, LeaderShape, the LEAD League, Alternative Spring Break and The Big Event.

Nationally Competitive Scholarships
Sage 140, 940-565-2820

Assist undergraduate and graduate students in identifying and pursuing externally funded research and study opportunities.

National Student Exchange (NSE)
Sage Hall 257, 940-565-3305

Student Activities & Organizations
Union 345, 940-565-3807

Registers all campus clubs and organizations; gives information about a wide range of campus activities; advises organizational associations; provides programming and leadership training.

Study Abroad
Marquis Hall 145, 940-565-2207

Provides information on study and travel abroad opportunities for U.S. students.