Update on the Library

This week, there have been pockets of discussion on campus about the necessity of beginning to directly fund staff benefit costs related to library personnel. And there now is a call to “Save the UNT libraries.” While I appreciate the important sentiment of this call, I need to emphasize that it is highly premature. While there is in fact an ongoing funding issue with how library staff benefits are funded, there have not yet been any specific discussions within the Division of Academic Affairs about options for how this will be addressed.

I want to assure everyone that UNT’s libraries are an extraordinarily valuable asset to our academic community, and they are central to our continued growth in providing the highest quality education and conducting cutting edge research. I’m actually very impressed with the reaffirmation of the libraries’ value by those of you who have quickly moved to “save the UNT libraries”. However, I ask that you provide Dean Martin Halbert, our other deans and myself the time to determine the best way to handle library funding. I further assure you that I will keep you informed about what is being done, and when.