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Dr. Warren Burggren

Dr. Warren Burggren

As Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Warren Burggren is responsible for the main mission of the institution, including teaching, research and professional service as carried out by its academic programs and services. Dr. Burggren handles budget allocations for the schools, colleges, libraries, and academic support areas, and provides leadership in the development and supervision...
Hurley Administration Building, Suite 207
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Senior Vice Provost

Yolanda Flores Niemann

Yolanda Flores Niemann
Hurley Administration Building, Suite 207
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Vice Provosts

Allen Clark

Allen Clark

Vice Provost for Academic Resources
Hurley Administration Building, Suite 207
Christy Crutsinger

Christy Crutsinger

Vice Provost for Faculty Success
Hurley Administration Building, Suite 207
John Hooper

John Hooper

Vice Provost for Information Technology
Sage Hall, 338J
Rick Nader

Rick Nader

Vice Provost for International Affairs
Sycamore Hall, Suite 210
Jason Simon

Jason Simon

Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Hurley Administration Building, 121
Celia Williamson

Celia Williamson

Vice Provost for Transfer Articulation
Sage Hall, 229


Darlene Callahan

Darlene Callahan

Director, Space Management and Planning
Hurley Administration Building, 306
Todd Spinks

Todd Spinks

Director, Campus Sustainability Programs
Patrick Pluscht

Patrick Pluscht

Senior Director, Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign
Chilton Hall, 112D

Deans and Associate Deans


Assistant/Associate Deans College of Arts and Sciences

  • Jean Schaake, Academic Associate Dean
  • Steve Cobb, Academic Associate Dean
  • Floyd McDaniel, Academic Associate Dean
  • Kathryn Gould Cullivan, Administrative Associate Dean
  • Ric Dwinnell, Administrative Assistant Dean
  • Mike McKay, Administrative Assistant Dean
  • Tim Christian, Administrative Assistant Dean

College of Business

  • Marilyn Wiley, Academic Associate Dean
  • Cengiz Capan, Academic Assistant Dean
  • Tracy Dietz, Administrative Assistant Dean
  • Desiree Robison, Administrative Assistant Dean

College of Education

  • Mike Sayler, Academic Associate Dean
  • Lisbeth Dixon-Krauss, Academic Associate Dean
  • Gwenn Pasco, Administrative Assistant Dean

College of Engineering

  • Vijay Vaidyanathan, Academic Associate Dean
  • Kuruvilla John, Academic Associate Dean
  • Miguel Garcia-Rubio, Administrative Associate Dean

College of Information

  • Linda Schamber, Academic Associate Dean

College of Music

  • Warren Henry, Academic Associate Dean
  • John C. Scott, Academic Associate Dean
  • Jon Nelson, Academic Associate Dean

College of Public Affairs and Community Service

  • Nicole Dash, Academic Associate Dean
  • Marcy Haag, Administrative Assistant Dean

College of Visual Arts and Design

  • Eric Ligon, Academic Associate Dean

Honors College

  • Susan Eve, Academic Associate Dean

College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism

  • Dee Knight, Academic Associate Dean

School of Journalism

  • Roy Busby, Academic Associate Dean

Toulouse School of Graduate Studies

  • Victor Prybutok, Academic Associate Dean
  • Joseph Oppong, Academic Associate Dean


  • Cathy Hartman, Academic Associate Dean
  • Susan Paz, Administrative Assistant Dean
  • Dreanna Belden, Administrative Assistant Dean
  • Sue Parks, Administrative Assistant Dean
  • Mark Phillips, Administrative Assistant Dean
  • Suzanne Sears, Administrative Assistant Dean
  • Sian Brannon, Administrative Assistant Dean

Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

  • Donna Fleming, Administrative Assistant Dean

Department Chairs

College of Arts and Sciences
Aerospace Studies - Lt. Col. Michael S. Deal
Army ROTC - MSG Mario Lindsey
Biological Sciences - Sam Atkinson (Acting)
Chemistry - William E. Acree
Communication Studies - John Allison
Dance and Theatre - Lorenzo Garcia
Economics - David Molina
English - David Holdeman
Geography - Paul Hudak
History - Richard McCaslin
Linguistics and Technical Communication - Brenda Sims
Mathematics - Su Gao
Philosophy and Religion Studies - Patricia Glazebrook
Physics - Chris Littler (Acting)
Political Science - Richard Ruderman
Psychology - Vicki Campbell
Radio, Television and Film - Alan Albarran
Sociology - Daniel Rodeheaver
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures - Carol Anne Costabile-Heming

College of Business
Accounting - Don Finn
FIREL - Marcia Staff
Information Technology & Decision Sciences - Mary Jones
Management - Lew Taylor (Interim)
Marketing & Logistics - Jeff Sager

College of Education
Counseling and Higher Education - Jan Holden
Educational Psychology - Abbas Tashakkori
Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation - Allen Jackson
Teacher Education and Administration - Jim Laney

College of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering - Vijay Vaidyanathan
Computer Science and Engineering - Barrett Bryant
Electrical Engineering - Shengli Fu
Engineering Technology - Enrique Barbieri
Materials Science and Engineering - Nigel Shepherd
Mechanical and Energy Engineering - Yong Tao

College of Information
Learning Technologies - Jeff Allen
Library and Information Sciences - Suliman Hawamdeh

College of Music
Composition Studies - Joseph Klein
Conducting and Ensembles - Richard Sparks
Instrumental Studies - John Holt
Jazz Studies - John Murphy
Keyboard Studies - Steven Harlos
Music Education - Debbie Rohwer
Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology - Frank Heidlberger
Vocal Studies - Steve Austin

College of Public Affairs and Community Service
Anthropology - Lisa Henry
Behavior Analysis - Richard Smith
Community and Professional Programs - Brenda McCoy
Criminal Justice - Eric Fritsch
Disability & Addiction Rehabilitation - Linda Holloway
Public Administration - Gary Webb
Speech and Hearing Sciences - Ernest Moore

College of Visual Arts and Design
Art Education/Art History - Denise Baxter
Design - Cynthia Mohr
Studio - Annette Lawrence

College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism
Merchandising/Digital Retailing - Dee Knight (Interim)
Hospitality/Tourism - Young Kim (Interim)

School of Journalism
Roy Busby - Associate Dean

Provost Office Staff

Margaret Vestal - Executive Administrative Assistant to the Provost
Annie Garcia  - Assistant to the Senior Vice Provost
Joanna Hussey - Assistant to the Vice Provost for Faculty Success
Dilana King - Senior Budget Officer
Dana Duke- Assistant to the Vice Provost for Academic Resources
Melinda Lilly – Assistant Director for Academic Resources
Mary Brockett - Faculty Records Coordinator
Ernest Lerma - IT Specialist IV
Ronda Bewley - Administrative Coordinator III
Tami Patterson - HR Generalist
Olivia Countryman - Administrative Coordinator I