Additional Academic Leadership


Mike Simmons

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Areas of Responsibility:
Office Location: Sage Hall Suite 177

Michael McPherson

Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Success

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Programming and support for new faculty
  • Mentoring networks
  • Faculty awards and recognition
  • Leadership development and faculty advocacy
Office Location: Hurley Administration Building Suite 135


Patrick Pluscht

Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign
  • Distributed Learning and Videoteleconference
  • eCampus
Patrick Pluscht
Office Location: Chilton Hall, 112D

Amy Shenberger

Interim International Affairs

Areas of Responsibility:
Office Location: Marquis Hall 105

Darlene Callahan

Space Management and Planning

Areas of Responsibility:

  • University Space Allocations and Reallocations
  • Building Renovations and New Construction
  • Space Policy Management


Darlene Callahan
Office Location: Hurley Administration Building, 305