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Vice Provosts

Christy Crutsinger

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Areas of Responsibility:

Academic Support

  • Academic Advising
  • Strategic Retention Initiatives
  • Learning Center
  • Office of Academic Integrity

Faculty & Administrative Support

  • Office for Faculty Success
  • Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment & Redesign
  • Leadership Development - Chair Academy, Advocates & Allies
  • Faculty Evaluation - Teaching Portfolio, Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT)

Administrative Support
Office Location: Hurley Administration Building, Suite 205

Robert Watling

Vice Provost for Academic Resources

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Chief Academic Budget Officer
  • Chief Human Resource Officer for Faculty
Robert Watling
Office Location: Hurley Administration Building, Suite 310

Terri Day

Vice Provost for Academic Administration

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Academic Affairs Policy Development and Oversight
  • Planning Authority (development of new degrees/certificates, alteration of degrees or units, academic changes with revenue impacts) 
  • Faculty Information System
  • UNT/TWU Collaborations
  • University Accreditation
  • Process improvement (Talon Team)
Office Location: Hurley Administration Building, 135C

Victor Prybutok

Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean Toulouse Graduate School

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Management and Fiscal Operations of Graduate School
  • Graduate Specific Programs
  • Development of Post-Baccaulaureate Academic Programs
  • Policy Development Related to Graduate Admissions, Programs, and Curriculum
Office Location: Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC) 356

Brenda McCoy

Vice Provost for Academic Outreach and Dean New College

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Management of Off-Campus Sites' Programs and Online Markets
  • Degree Development for Off-Campus Sites
Office Location: Chilton Hall 263

Pia Wood

Vice Provost and Dean for International Affairs

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Senior International Officer
  • Intensive English Language Institute
  • International Student & Scholar Services
  • International Student Recruitment
  • Sponsored Student Programs
  • Study Abroad
  • Global Engagement
Office Location: Marquis Hall 105C